Toronto Mahavihāra - Appeal for Donations
Repairs to Dhamma Hall Basement

    Proposed Repairs and Renovations. Estimated Cost: $95,000.00
  • New Female only wash rooms - Toilet, pedestal sink, Accessories (I.e. Paper holder etc), Mirror, Door and frame, wall tiles and Painting - 2 sets
  • New Urinal space for Men - Two (2) Full height Urinals, Wall tiles and Painting - 2 sets
  • New Male only and Accessible wash room (Next to elevator)
  • New wash basin area (Common space) - Two (2) wash basin, Accessories (I.e. Paper holder etc), Mirror, Wall tiles and Painting
  • Counter Tops - Two(2) numbers (next to stove, above water main). This will be marked at site and orderd to site measure.
  • Counter Top and panrty sink - One (1) number industrial sink. This will be marked at site and top is orderd to site measure.
  • Pantry cupboards and accessories to site measure.
  • Three new fire rated doors - New Electrical Room, new machine and Hydro room.
  • New gas stove and New fridge
  • New lighting - 5 washrooms, 1 new storage, 2 new Utility spaces, pantry, corridor, existing machine room (remodeled)
  • Elevator renovation
  • New sump pump for machine room
Total donations received or pledged up to now: $4,851.00
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