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October 2020

4Adhi Vap Poya Sil Program from 8.30am


10Katina Pirith in the evening

11Katina Pooja


November 2020

1Vap Poya Sil Program from 8.30am


29Il Poya Sil Program from 8.30am


December 2020

27Unduvap Poya Sil Program from 8.30am


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Established in 1978, and located on the edge of the picturesque Rouge Valley, Toronto Maha Vihara today is not only an outstanding landmark,  but also a monument to the vision and conviction of the early pioneers of the Sri Lankan expatriate Buddhist community in the Greater Toronto Area. It is the first Theravada Buddhist Temple in Canada and is administered by Toronto Mahavihara Society, a registered Charity Organization

The primary social objective of Buddhism is to discourage rift and promote harmony among all beings. Its concept and rationale are based on natural law. Hence,  it is a Dhamma  rather than a conventional religion. Conflicts and threats to peace arise only when the three-fold ills of hate, greed and delusion enter the human mind. They are created by man, not by nature. Buddhism shows us that the more one moves away from Dhamma, the closer he moves towards disaster.

World peace can never be attained through the media and propaganda alone. The more crucial factor is the inner peace and contentment within us all. Toronto MahaVihara provides the ideal environment for this purpose. It is open to all, irrespective of nationality, race, color, creed or social class.

The serene place of worship, the library, the meditation sessions, the Dhamma discourses and other opportunities available for exchange of ideas are a blessing to us, in attaining  inner peace and contentment. The Sunday Dhamma School provides a place of education for the young in Buddhist Philosophy and more importantly Buddhist culture, at the prime of life. We welcome you to be a part of this vibrant community and make use of the opportunities for your spiritual development.

May All Beings be Happy and Peaceful
Katina Ceremony - 22nd and 23rd October 2016
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